Day 2 Styles: How to Style Your Hair Between Washes

Day 2 Styles: How to Style Your Hair Between Washes

By Natalie Baker

Dirty hair? Don’t care! Skipping the shampoo suds isn’t a total disaster. In fact, overwashing your hair actually strips it of its natural oils, leading to a loss of shine and texture. That’s why every woman needs a go-to rotation of hairstyles that she can turn to in a pinch between washes. Turn oily, two-day-old strands into a good hair day with these quick and easy looks.

Side-Swept Fishtail Braid
For a style that will take you from your cubicle to cocktails in a flash, a fishtail braid is your go-to. Bay Area stylist Shelly Grover notes that it’s a clever way to look after your hair. “I love doing heatless hairstyles. Not only do they look cute, but it’s a great way to maintain the integrity of your hair, since you don’t need to shampoo or use heated styling tools.”

A fishtail braid is the perfect option for oily hair, as it’s easy to do but it still looks intricate and impressive. The natural oils will to help lock this look in place. Spritz a texturizing spray, such as One ‘n Only™ Speed Style™ Dry Texturizing Spray, onto the roots of your hair for a boost of volume, before pulling the hair over to one shoulder. Divide your hair into two equal sections, then take a small piece of hair from under the right section and cross it over to the left section. Repeat this step on the opposite side, taking a small piece of hair from underneath the left section and pulling it across to the right section. Secure with a clear elastic before manipulating the braid with your fingers to create a textured finish.

Boho Waves
Textured curls practically demand second-day-old hair to stay in place. Play up naturally tousled, bedhead texture and rock some Boho waves. Wrap two-inch sections of hair—selected at random—around a curling wand to create added definition. The aim of the game is for hair to look effortless. Seal in your style with a light spritz of One ‘n Only™ Speed Style™ Finishing Hairspray.

Sleek Ponytail
Your ponytail doesn’t have to be reserved for the gym. For a chic and sophisticated look, a sleek ponytail worn at the nape of the neck is a timeless option. Pull your hair into a center part before taming any flyaway strands with a bit of styling cream. Secure with a clear elastic for a fashion-approved, understated look.

Side-Swept Chignon
You may not have time to wash your hair, but you don’t need to give the game away with a sloppy style. A side-swept chignon may look like you’ve made some serious effort, but it can be created in a matter of minutes. Create an off-center parting before securing your hair into a ponytail behind your ear. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Wear your chignon neat and tidy, or pull out a couple of pieces from around the front to frame your face.

The next time you need a day off from shampooing—or just some extra shut-eye in the morning—look no further than one of these quick and easy styles.

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