Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Summer

Quick and Easy Hair Styles for Summer

The lazy days of summer are just around the corner and you probably need a few quick and easy hairstyles for the season. Try these styles on yourself or share them with your friends. They’ll keep you cool and won’t take up a ton of your time.


The Polished Braid

Meet your new BFF for summer—the polished braid. This style screams elegance, yet it only takes a few minutes to create. Wear this stylish hairdo during long days behind the chair or recommend it for people who want a style that holds up in the summer heat. 

To get this look, work with damp hair and brush  through a medium-hold gel. Next, pull hair into a tight, high pony and secure with an elastic. Braid hair in your favorite style—a classic summer go-to is the fishtail—and then secure the ends with another elastic.


The High Ponytail

Balmain models were spotted wearing the high ponytail on the catwalk, but this runway look is easily achievable at home, too. What makes the high ponytail different than your local high school cheerleader’s pony is the sleekness.

Create a sleek look by dampening the roots with a spray bottle and then pulling the hair into a tight, high pony.  Secure with an elastic, and then spritz any unruly strands with a high-hold hair spray. You can also use a BaBylissPRO curling iron to add a little flip to the end of the ponytail.


The Messy Bun

This laid-back, summer bun is perfect for the girl who’s on-the-go. Bottega Veneta models recently sported this look on the runway and the style couldn’t be any simpler to pull off.

Spray your favorite beach or salt spray in the hair, and blow-dry the locks upside down with your BaBylissPRO Rapido dryer.  Next, simply allow hair to fall in its natural part and pull it back into a ponytail. Use a clear elastic to secure it and then pull the pony halfway through to create a messy bun and leave as is—the messier the better.


The Wet Look

There is nothing easier than wash-and-go hairstyles. That’s why this summer, the wet look reigns. Award-winning hair stylist, Carol Carey of Carol Carey Couture Salon in California loves the wet look for both herself and anyone looking for a quick and easy ‘do.

“This style is ideal for summer, simply for the ease of going from being poolside to grabbing cocktails in no time flat,” Carey says. “Just rinse the chlorine from your strands and comb a medium-hold styling gel or lotion through the ends, and then secure your style with an elastic and go. This style is both chic and time-saving.”

It’s also the perfect look for days when you want to give your hair a break from heat tool styling.


No matter how crunched your are for time, or how hot it is outside, one of these styles is bound to fit the occasion.


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