Trendy Trims For Your Pet

Give your pet a stylish cut can transform her appearance from drab to fab, making her a topic of conversation wherever you go together. With a number of options to choose from, your cat or dog can look like anything from a teddy bear to a dinosaur. Get your furry friend ready for spring or summer with a trendy trim

Styles for Furry Stars

According to pet groomer David Khalili, owner of Wet Paws Grooming in Beverly Hills, California, the most requested styles for his clients are the lion cut and the teddy bear cut. The lion cut involves shaving all of the fur on the body, while leaving thicker fur on the head, feet, and tip of the tail. 

Cute Pomeranian Dog After Haircut

The teddy bear cut, also known as the puppy cut, is popular because it gives your pet the appearance of a teddy bear toy. For this cut, the fur on the ears is rounded out to give the pet a plush appearance while the fur on the muzzle and body is cut short and even.

Cute poodle puppy in a studio shot 

For poodles, the continental cut is very popular and considered the American Kennel Club standard. This involves leaving the front half of the body long, with rounded pom-poms of fur on the tail and ankles, while shaving most of the back-half of the body.

Red Standard Poodle dog staying outdoors on the snow


Cuts That Stand Out  

Some unique cuts involve giving a pet the look of a dinosaur, by leaving some longer fur along the spine after shaving most of the fur on the body. The fur is then shaped into triangular spikes. 

Groomers can also cut all of the fur short on your pet and leave a little mohawk of fur on the top of the head. 

In Living Color

As part of your pet’s trendy trim, you can add a pop of color to the coat. These eye-catching additions are popular on lighter-colored pets because the color shows up most vividly on them. To prevent skin irritation, most pet stylists will cut designs into the pet’s fur, such as flowers, and highlight them using pet-safe dyes, rather than dying the whole coat.

When requesting a service like this, always ensure that the pet groomer is using a nontoxic product designed specifically for pets that. This is especially important for cats because they’re very sensitive to chemicals.

Another option is to have your pet groomer add some color to your pet’s nails using a nontoxic, pet-safe nail polish. “The nail polish will usually last until the next groom,” Khalili says, so expect it to last about three weeks.

Accessorizing the ‘Do

To complete your pup’s trendy cut, most pet stylists add some colorful accessories. “With the customer’s permission, I place some bows in the coat or a bandanna after the groom,” Khalili explains. He also adds a bit of nontoxic, pet-safe fragrance to the coat as well.

When placing any accessories in your pet’s fur, remember to use those designed for our furry friends. This way, your pup or kitty won’t accidentally ingest something that can cause a gastrointestinal blockage. And between grooming appointments, you can keep your pet’s new trim in shape using a small, easy-to-use trimmer like the ConairPRO Dog™ Palm Pro™ Micro-Trimmer.

Tips About Trims

Wire-hair dogs and those with a double coat shouldn’t be shaved because the fur will not grow back the same, so ask your groomer what styles he feels will work best for your pup. 

To calm pets during a grooming session, Khalili recommends giving them treats and talking to them in a soothing voice during the session to help reduce stress. “Getting them used to the vibrations of the clipper also helps to calm them during the groom,” explains Khalili. 

Full-body cuts like the lion cut work well for pets with severe mats to remove them and make the pet more comfortable, Khalili recommends.

Trendy cuts can make your pet stand out from the crowd and remove any icky mats from her coat, but not all styles are for everyone. Consult with a professional groomer about what cuts you have in mind and bring a photo along to show him exactly what you’re looking for to avoid any misunderstandings.