Hair Tools Tricks

Hair Tools Tricks

Every day we rely on a host of tried and trusted tools that curl, straighten, wave, and dry our hair to salon perfection. But are you really getting the most from them? Your go-to tools should help you achieve beautiful results with minimal hassle. So whether you’re looking to invest in a shiny new kit, or you want to achieve more with your current arsenal, there are ways to get more from your tools.

London-based hairstylist Kimberly Jayne notes that when it comes to your kit, less is more. “As long as I have a curling wand, set of flat irons, and a good blow dryer, I can achieve tons of different looks with different hair types and textures,” she says. “It’s important to select tools that come with adjustable temperature settings so that you can retain ultimate control when working with different hair types. And using a heat protectant whenever applying heat goes without saying.”

Flat Iron

Flat irons have quickly become a stylist’s staple, thanks to their versatility. A model that comes with ceramic or tourmaline-coated plates, such as the BaBylissPRO PRIMA 3000 Flat Iron, should be your go-to, since it offers additional protection and creates a sleeker finish. As a general rule, the shorter your strands, the thinner the plates should be. If you have super-thick or long hair, wider plates will help to speed up the styling time.

While flat irons make creating smooth, sleek strands a cinch, they’re also great for boosting texture. Create some cool crimps by dividing your hair into four to six sections then plaiting into simple three-strand braids. Run your flat iron over your braids to apply heat, then allow to cool. Remove the braids to reveal effortlessly crimped texture.

It’s simple to create day-to-night bouncy waves with your flat iron, too. Take a 1-inch section of hair and wrap it around your flat iron plates as you simultaneously turn the iron away from your head. Pull the iron down towards the end of the section, then repeat throughout your hair. Break up the curls by raking your fingers through them to complete the look.

Curling Wand

Sure, you can wrap your hair around your curling wand and achieve effortless waves, but your favorite tool allows for even more control. Want tight curls? Wrap hair tightly around the thinner end of the wand to achieve the look. To add volume to the roots, hold your wand vertically with the largest part of the barrel closest to the roots and the thinnest part towards the ends. Don’t have time to do all of your hair? Wave the front sections away from your face to instantly create a more polished finish.

For the ultimate in long-lasting curls, try the pin curl technique. Rather than let the section fall off the end of your curling wand, catch it in your hand, roll it up, and secure with a bobby pin to allow the curl to set. Once completely cooled, remove the pins for longer lasting, Victoria’s Secret-esque curls.

Blow Dry

Don’t have time—or space when travelling—for your curling wand or flat irons? Create quick-and-easy, beachy waves using your blow dryer. Apply volumizing mousse to damp strands, before taking a section, twirling it around your finger, then blow drying a section at a time. Repeat all over for an effortlessly beachy look.

Air-dried hair doesn’t have to be a fast route to a bad hair day. Allow your strands to dry naturally by 70 percent before you reach for your blow dryer to help reduce frizz and promote shine. Lock in your style by blasting with the cold setting.

While you probably use your blow-dryer, flat irons, and curling wand without a second thought, re-thinking your method and techniques can transform your results.