Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Who knew finding your perfect hairstyle was so easy? While it’s always fun to look at the latest hair trends, letting your face shape guide the way will give you your most flattering tresses. Los Angeles-based hairstylist Cici Andersen explains, “the idea is to give the illusion of a balanced, proportional and symmetrical face. If you think about it, a circle, oval, square, or heart are already symmetrical. It’s about adding fullness in the right places to create the ‘ideal’ oblong shape.”

In other words, every woman can look effortless with the right style to frame her face.

Round Face

If you have medium-length or long hair and your face is roundish like Selena Gomez or Ginnifer Goodwin, consider layers in the front starting at your chin to distract attention from the cheeks. Light, bouncy waves or a sleek style will help to balance the roundness, especially with longer hair. Ideally, keep the volume of the hair around your face to a minimum. Beach waves are quick and easy to create if you want to flatter the face without all the fullness. If that’s not your style, brush through your locks and use a smoothing treatment like the One ‘n Only™ Argan Oil treatment for a visibly sleeker, frizz-free look.

If you have a shorter mane, opt for even more texture with different layers to help elongate the shape of the face. Pixie cuts with bangs swept to one side are flattering, and they give the same lengthening effect.

Oval Face

If your face is oval face like Jessica Alba’s, you can experiment with hairstyles a little more. While you’ll find just about any style looks great, a tousled ponytail with face-framing tendrils, for longer-haired beauties, is a great option for bringing more attention to the face. Should you have a preference on the texture of your gorgeous tresses, just be sure avoid too much volume on top, which will throw off the balance of your oval shape.

Rocking a shorter mane? Try directing the attention towards your favorite feature, such as bangs to highlight your eyes, or chin-length layers to have everyone staring at your lips. The choice is yours.

Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a sweetheart face shape like Reese Witherspoon, you are one of the lucky ones. Side-swept bangs or a deep side part can give the illusion of balancing out the face since this shape is typically wider by the forehead before slimming down at the chin. No matter what length your hair is, adding texture is the way to go.

Longer-haired women might appreciate that styling any curls near the shoulder area will soften the jawline. Finishing the ends of your mane off with a texturing spray, such as the One ‘n Only™ Speed Style™ Dry Texturizing Spray will add even more volume for balance. Hair on the shorter side? Simple waves flatter just as well. And if your hair is curly, embrace your tendrils for a more natural look, using a styling gel only at the crown of your head for less weight near the forehead.

Square Face

Using your hair to complement a square-shaped face, like Olivia Wilde and Jessica Simpson have done, is easy. Stay away from cuts with straight edges, and go for softer styles that cover one or two of the “corners” of your face, such as a center part or side-swept bangs. No matter the length, you can’t go wrong with layers and waves for this face shape.

For a chic style for longer hair, a loose chignon is a beautiful look. Parting your hair down the center, make two ponytails to tie into a loose knot. Wrap one side and pin down, then do the same to the other side. Before you finishing it off with hairspray, make sure to take some pieces out around the front to give a frame to your face.

In the end, no matter your face shape, it’s all about “finding a combination of length and layering that works for you,” says Andersen. And, don’t forget to have fun with your new look.