Warm Weather Hair Tips

Warm Weather Hair Tips

By Natalie Baker

From fighting frizz to protecting color fade, caring for hair in warm conditions may require an overhaul in your routine. If you live where it’s always hot or you’ve tackled tricky tresses on a tropical vacation, you understand how sunshine and humidity can affect hair. Thankfully, there are techniques you can use to keep your hair game strong when the temperatures start to rise.

Fight The Frizz
“The best way to reduce frizz in humid weather starts before you even style your hair,” advises professional Bay Area hairstylist Shelly Grover. “Making sure your hair is moisturized with a good conditioner is essential because dry, brittle hair equals frizz.”

Follow a lightweight moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with a small amount of hair oil, such as coconut or macadamia. The oil forms a protective coating and acts as a repellent against humidity.

“Let hair air dry as long as possible, and then blow dry right before it’s almost dry to get out all moisture and lock in that style” says Grover. A blow dryer with ion-generating properties, such as the BaBylissPRO Rapdio, helps seal down the cuticle to eliminate frizz and maximize shine.

Prevent Color Fade
It’s a great feeling when a person leaves the salon with an extra spring in her step thanks to a killer color job. But in balmy weather, sun exposure can dull her new color quickly and leave hair dry and lifeless. A weekly deep-conditioning masque formulated for color-treated hair is a must to combat damage and dehydration caused by sun, chlorine, and salt water. For dyed brunettes and vibrant redheads, add a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to your routine once a week to prevent fading.

Before stepping out into the sunshine, spritz hair with a water-resistant UV spray to lock in protection from damaging rays. Sunscreen hair products not only protect your hair and scalp, they offer an additional boost of moisture, too.

Protect You Hair Poolside
Since hair can only absorb so much water, soak your strands under the shower before taking a dip in the pool. This way, the hair absorbs gentler non-chlorinated water first, leaving less room to absorb the harsher chemicals. For a second preventative measure, apply hair oil or leave-in conditioner before swimming. It may sound counter-productive, but it will also minimize the amount of chlorinated water your hair soaks up.

Wet hair is more prone to breakage, so a wide-tooth comb, snag-free hair ties, and open-ended bobby pins are beach bag essentials.

Heatless Hairstyles
Summer is the perfect time to embrace some Instagram-worthy braids and beachy waves. Heatless hairstyles protect the integrity of the hair while still looking on trend. A side-swept fishtail braid, rope braid or Dutch braids will keep hair away from the face and eliminate the need for heated-styling tools.

For the ultimate in fuss-free ‘dos, use get-up-and-go styling that embraces the hair’s natural texture. Part damp hair into three sections and braid, then allow hair to dry. Undo the braids when you’re ready and set the style with some texturizing salt spray to finish. Even an undone style will look chic when hair is strong and healthy.


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