Ways to Keep Your Hairstyle Intact While You Sleep

By Gracee Tolentino

After hours spent styling your hair, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than waking up to a tangled, frizzy mess. While some girls can get away with scruffy, bedhead hair, most of us would rather roll out of bed looking a little more polished and put together—especially on mornings when there’s just no time to use styling tools. Luckily, there are a few things you can do before hitting the hay to protect your hair, preserve your hairstyle, and keep bad hair day at bay. Curious? We’ve asked experts to share their favorite nightly tips.

1. Set your style.
To set your style, apply an ultra-light, leave-in styling cream, like One ‘n Only™ Argan Oil Styling Cream. Aside from eliminating frizz and enhancing shine, this product offers flexible hold, keeping your style in place even if you toss and turn while you sleep.

2. Sleep on satin or silk.
According to celebrity hairstylist Kahh Spence, whose works appear in Essence, Hype Hair, Floss, and Pynk Magazine, the best way to keep your hair intact while you’re sleeping is to use a silk or satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one. “Silk doesn’t pull or tug the hair like cotton and is very light, so the hair can still breathe. Because there is much less friction, you’ll notice less frizz in the hair when you wake up,” she says.

3. Consider a hair wrap.
If buying silk pillowcases seems like a stretch, Susonnah G. Barklow of NaturallyCurly.com suggests using a silk or satin scarf or bonnet.
“If you don’t feel like buying new pillowcases, try a satin bonnet. Some curlies also wrap their hair in a satin scarf just before bedtime. This will help guarantee that your hairstyle remains fresh and unwrinkled while you’re sleeping,” she says. “This tip isn’t just for curly girls. Women with all textures—straight or curly—should employ this tip for a longer-lasting hairstyle.”

4. Keep scrunchies handy.
Another thing you should always keep on your bedstand? Your trusty old scrunchy.  “To keep your hair from getting tangled, especially after a blowout, sleep with your hair down on one side of your neck, or put it up in a very loose, high bun—on top of your head,” suggests Janna Urman, hairstylist at the Bella Santé, a luxury salon in Boston. “Use a scrunchy as typical elastic bands can put stress on your strands, leaving dents and potentially damaging your hair.”

5. Prolong curls with pin curls.
To preserve beach waves or curly hairstyles, try sectioning your hair into loose braids or sweeping it up using large bobby pins to create loosely sculpted pin curls. “Four to six large sections should do the trick,” says George Gonzalez, owner of George the Salon in Chicago. “When you release and shake out in the morning, it will look exactly like you just left your stylist’s chair.”

Finding a nightly routine that works for you will not only give your hairstyle a new lease on life, but will also protect your tresses from frizz and breakage. Follow these tips and say goodbye to bad hair days.

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