Easy 5-Minute Hairstyles

Easy 5-Minute Hairstyles

By Kristle Jones

It’s easy to lose track of time in the morning, and occasionally you may only end up with a few minutes to style your hair before rushing out the door. Luckily, you only need five minutes to craft a beautiful hairstyle that’s perfect for work, a coffee date with a friend, or a day of running errands.


Side Braid
Let’s start with the simplest and most versatile of the styles: the side braid. Create a slightly undone version to wear for a workout or jazz it up a bit more for a casual workday look.

Step One: Gather all of your hair into a low side-ponytail and secure it with a clear elastic hair band. Note: If you want a dressier version of the side braid, curl sections of your hair with a large barrel curling iron before you begin.
Step Two: Braid your hair. You can keep it super simple with a traditional three-part braid or get a little fancier with variations like a fishtail braid.
Step Three: Secure the end of your braid with another elastic and cut away the top elastic to loosen the hair. Spray the entire style with a light-hold hairspray. Note: Don’t worry about pieces that fall out here or there, that’s part of the look. If you prefer a more glam version, curl any loose pieces with your large barrel curling iron.


Loose Waves
Loose waves are beautiful and take less time to style than you think. Here’s how you can get this full-bodied look using your BaBylissPRO  Nano Titanium curling iron:

Step One: Create a halo section of hair by taking a round selection of hair around the crown of your head, and pin it up and away.
Step Two: Spray a light veil of hairspray throughout the bottom section of your hair.
Step Three: Using your BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 ½”-barrel curling iron, curl large sections of hair with the iron directing hair away from your face, making sure to leave the very ends of your hair out of the iron. Note: You should have between four to five sections of hair to curl.
Step Four: Release the top portion of your hair and spray this section with a light veil of hairspray as well.
Step Five: Repeat step three, curling additional large sections of hair. Note: There will be fewer sections of hair to curl in this step, three at most.

Volumized Tresses
West Coast hairstylist Billie Rawak says that one of her favorite five-minute hairstyles is big, voluminous hair using her secret weapon: hot rollers. Here’s how to get some serious va-va-voom tresses.

Step One: Begin with freshly dried hair. “Always prep your hair when it’s damp with a styling foam or mousse, to help create lasting hold, shine and heat protection,” Rawak says.
Step Two: Take a section of hair and lightly mist with hairspray, and then wrap the section of hair around the roller. “Spraying the hair prior to using the roller will help with hold but won’t cause product build-up,” Rawak explains. Hair is able to set for a few minutes while you finish your makeup. Note: Rawak recommends spraying all of the rollers with a light mist of hairspray while they’re setting to help cool them faster.
Step Three: Remove rollers and rake your fingers through your hair to shape it.

Top Knot
The top knot is a chic, on-trend look that’s reminiscent of a beautiful ballerina bun. It shows off the neck and shoulders and looks upscale even though it’s simple to style. You can create different versions of the top knot, pulling all the hair up into the bun or only half of your hair at the crown of your head.

Step One: Gather hair into a very high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Note: Second-day hair is ideal for this style.
Step Two: Spray your ends lightly with dry shampoo and tease for added volume.
Step Three: Twist teased hair around your elastic and secure the ends with a bobby pin or two. Adjust any pieces that are sticking out.

These time-saving, step-by-step tutorials are perfect for looking fabulous in five minutes. Try one next time you’re in a pinch.


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