Tips to Grow Your Instagram Influence

Tips to Grow Your Instagram Influence

Hairstyling and Instagram are both forms of visual art, making the two a perfect pair. Instagram reported that they have over 400 million users and people are on it for an average of 20 minutes a day. That could mean immediate advertisement for yourself or your business. 

April Kayganich, a hairstylist at Urban Betty Salon in Austin, Texas, says, “I receive as many as 10 to 15 new clients every month from people seeing my work on Instagram. Social media has really been a game changer for my business.”

The two most important things to focus on when using Instagram are your content and your engagement. Posting content on Instagram and increasing your engagement with other users not only helps build your online presence but can also increase the client count in your chair.


Content—Show People Your Brand

Teach Others.  What can others learn from you? Share some of your quick tips for hairstyles or tricks for using hair care products and tools. If that sounds a little intimidating just show what you know. It can be as simple as sharing your love for your BaBylissPRO Rapido hair dryer. A photo of your Rapido with a caption about why you love it can educate and help someone.

Inspire Someone. Posting all of the amazing hairstyles you do can be inspirational, but quotes, fancy event photos, travel photos, and snaps from classes you’re attending can be motivating, too. Sometimes it can be as simple as a picture of pretty flowers in your garden. Don’t overthink it.

Show Your Personality. People love to get to know you. By taking behind-the-scenes photos you give them a glimpse into who you really are. Photos you post can be from a day in your life behind the chair.  Or they could include your family, your dogs, or simply what you ate for lunch that day. One thing to be careful of is posting too many selfies. Use them here and there if you want to include them, but be sure to make them relevant to your brand. Even the Kardashians, who have built their brand around themselves, only sprinkle in the selfies on their feed.

Deciding what to post is one of the most important things you can do. Your content should be focused and tell a story about your brand. As a hairstylist, your Instagram should reflect what you are most passionate about. A good rule of thumb to follow about posting is this: 85% should be about what you provide, 15% should be personal, and 100% should reflect your brand.


Engagement—Get Involved With the Community 

There are three basic steps to getting involved with your target community on Instagram:

Follow. You must follow people to get followers.

Like. “Like” lots of pics.

Comment. Tell them why you like their photos. 

If you “like” three of a user’s photos and comment on one, stats show that user is more likely to follow you. However, don’t “like” for no reason. You want to strategically “like” photos of people who are more likely to follow you, but you have to find them first.

Welcome to the wormhole that can be Instagram, also known as the “search” bar. Start your search with a hashtag you normally use on your photos such as #hairstyles. As you scroll through the photos, find a photo that strikes your fancy and “like” it. Now go to that person’s full page and “like” two more photos, then comment on at least one of them. This is the perfect amount of engagement, but not too much, because we all know that that can be creepy.

The three “likes” and one comment is just enough to pique a person’s interest so she wonders who you are and clicks on your profile. This is the important part, because if during this glance the person enjoys your content, you’ll generally gain a follower. The key is to get as many people to see your profile as you can, so you get more followers. Now repeat this action, three “likes” and one comment per page, for as long as you have the attention span to do so.

And last, but not least, have fun. Your followers want to see a real person underneath all of the hairspray. Authenticity is always a plus.


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