Matching Hair Color Trends to Your Outfit

Matching Hair Color Trends to Your Outfit

By Nicole Hering

Every now and then, people get bored with their hairstyles, but it’s not always the cut that needs changing. Sometimes a little color swap will do just the trick. With lots of trends out there, it can be tough to choose the right one for your personal style. Luckily many of the current hair color trends—denim blue, gray, rainbow hues, bronde, black, and platinum blonde—match up with a variety of outfits that are probably already in your closet.

Blue Denim for Hair… and Clothes
Denim for your hair is catching on as a trendy hair color option for people who want a change. This look is achieved by dyeing hair a faded deep blue through mixing shades of dark blue, lighter blue, and gray. The exact shades of blue used depend on if you want a dark wash, medium wash, or faded blue jeans color. Considering many people wear outfits that include denim pants, jackets, and skirts, the blue denim hair trend is one of the simplest ways to match hair color to outfits.

Gray Hair, Easy Wear
If you have naturally gray hair or want to color your hair gray like Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, rest assured that matching your silvery locks to outfits is uncomplicated. Gray is a cooler-toned color, so pair it with clothing in warmer hues. Outfits with a pop of grass green, sapphire blue, violet, navy, warm brown, red, and gold will go best with gray hair. Black and white will look good with your gray locks as well, but always incorporate a bright pop of color into your ensemble. Otherwise, whether you’re embracing your natural gray or just trying out the gray color trend, these neutral hues can pale your complexion.

The Color Wheel
Remember the color wheel from art class? It’s a basic tool you can use to match clothes to your hair color. The color wheel shows complementary colors using both primary (red, blue, and yellow) and secondary colors (a combination of primary colors). Complementary colors lie directly beside and across from each other on the color wheel. Because hues of the rainbow have become so popular for hair, using a color wheel can help you find the right clothing colors to go with your kaleidoscopic hair color. Both primary and secondary colors within the wheel will work well with whichever bright hair color you choose.

If you do choose to go with a bright change, or you know someone who wants to, make sure a professional colorist is consulted. Hairstylist Anne Thompson advises, “I think these trends are really fun, except the problem I see happening with these trends is people doing it themselves and damaging their hair to. The grey, blue denim and rainbow hair coloring processes can be really damaging when done at home.”

Natural Color Trends That Match Your Attire
If you aren’t feeling too adventurous, but still want to change up your hair color, you have lots of options. Bronde hair is a timeless look that is essentially a blend of blonde and brunette hair. This is achieved by using balayge highlights, which create a natural, nearly painted-smooth color. These tresses look fantastic with clothing in myriad colors—gold, silver, white, taupe, pale pink, bright yellow, green, and blue.

Black hair is another option for people who want a natural-looking change, and as the Kardashian family as shown us, black tresses match a lot. Cobalt, deep purple, emerald green, red, pink, gray, navy, and cool white will pair beautifully with your inky black hair.

If you are going to try the platinum blonde trend, black and white attire with a flash of color, such as a bright scarf, are great options. This will make your hair color stand out.

Go the Extra Style Mile
For the perfect look, the right hairstyle is as indispensable as color matching. BaBylissPRO tools make your styling process smooth and effective for a long-lasting hold. For a casual look, go with loose waves or straight locks. When you’re dressed up or heading to work, go for defined curls,  or volumized straight locks. Your BaBylissPRO styling tools make styling your hair a snap, no matter the color.

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